duminică, 1 februarie 2015

Abus cable versus BTwin chain

Auxiliary cable or auxiliary chain?

I've spent DAYS looking at youtube clips and read various articles about this dilemma I bet many of you have. :)
I bought an Abus cable but after reading some articles, I decided to switch it for a chain.
Of course, the chain is heavier (at least double heavy), My U-lock (Abus Granit X-Plus) already have around 2 kilos... the cable would have lighten the whole pack but for this town I've decided to... you see the picture.
Why I didn't buy an Abus chain? Because they don't have a "normal chain for carrying around" with a ring. 
Using that ring in the form pictured, I  save around 1/3 of the chain length and that make the whole package lighter. Already the Granit X Plus is around 2 kilos, any gramm count.
So, Mister Abus, think about a small redesign of your 6KS or 8KS chains -> will that be a big deal to add a ring and a slightly bigger chain link on the other end?

You just lost a customer for a chain.

Get to 2015! Forget about cables, make useful auxiliary chains!

I attach also the whole e-mail sent to Abus. I hope they will take into consideration a regular biker.

Abus cable versus BTwin chain? Why not an Abus chain? Because it not exists!!

Dear Abus,

Thank you for the reply and for helping me to choose something. I chose a BTwin chain.

Now I'm writing again but for this time please forward the e-mail to the technical team, to the engineering department.
This is not too much to ask, and if Abus product like that would have been available, I would have bought for sure.

For the previous enquiry, your marketing department, at my question about a 6KS chain, suggested a 12KS chain. Really?
I'm a bicycle rider. 12KS!?!
Do your marketing department knows the specifications of the chains? For example, what is the difference in the weight of 12KS versus 6KS?

I will repeat the questions and I hope not for an answer but to Abus take it into consideration to adapt some chains to the Abus U-lock, in setup U-lock + chain.
Already BTwin took my money, instead of Abus, and I bet I am not the only one who want some chain like this to be made by Abus too.

Please read (at least) this article (some thieves explain how they cut a cable lock): http://www.tested.com/tech/458286-best-bike-lock-today/
Please take a look at the picture (attached) I made of the setup with your U-lock, but another brand's chain.
I attached also a picture with my previous cable lock - that was for the front wheel. The key got stuck and I had to cut the cable. I cut it using the tools you see in the picture. I have a 2 euro wire cutter, bought from Carrefour. My big problem was cutting the plastic. The metal cable I cut in  less than 3 minutes. And I am not a professional thief.
The difference between the chain and the cable: hacksaws and pliers. I bought protections for hacksaws attack and pliers attack. 

I would happily have bought an Abus 6KS chain with a ring link at one end and one slightly bigger link than the rest of the chain at the other end. You haven't this product but other guys thought about it. 

Please send this e-mail and let your engineering department think about that.


P.S.: Find attached also the e-mail from Abut Marketing Team Italia, and my original e-mail.
Now the pack is complete:

Gentile cliente,
Le catene con anello a cappio sono solitamente riservate all’uso con un dispositivo dedicato, di seguito i modelli disponibili:
8077/12KS120 LOOP YELLOW DETECTO          
GRANIT 58 12KS Black Loop                                
68 12KS 120 black loop                                          
67/105HB50 yellow/red 12KS120 black loop        
L’unica catena di questa tipologia, attualmente disponibile senza antifurto è la seguente:
12KS/120 loop                                                           

Good Day, 

I'm looking for an Abus product and I cannot see it over the web - maybe you can help me. 
First of all, I am a fan of Abus "family" and I try to keep buying from you, guys. :) 

For my bike I have a Granit Plus 54 and I feel save and happy with it. 
Now I try to get something to secure my front wheel, and maybe an extra secure to the frame. 
I bought an Abus Cobra 10/200 from Amazon but when it arrived, I felt it not so secure for my taste. 

I like your chains and I try to make a compromise weight over portability - as already have a (little heavy) U lock. 
I like Abus 6KS and Abus 8KS, although I didn't see them live. But the technical specifications are ok - I hope I will feel more secuse using one of these chains for my bike instead of Cobra.

Question: I would like to buy a chain with a ring at the end, something similar with "ABUS- 4850 Chain 6KS85" but with a link at the other end, not with a pin. 
Do Abus have this kind of chains? Basically, I want to buy a regular chain but with a ring at one end. I could find this kind of product over the web. Decathlon have chains like this, but I don't want to change the company from where I buy from. :) 

Could you offer me a sollution? 
I intend to use it along with an Abus U Lock Mini --> I will be 100% Abus guy. :) 

Thank you! 


P.S.: by any chance, Abus have some kind of "buy back" option, to change my Abus Cobra 10/200 with a chain? 
If not, maybe the company should consider this option for customers. :)