luni, 13 iulie 2009

Limba rusa si HIV / SIDA

You heard of the molecular condom?
Traditional condoms fail some of the time due to incorrect usage and human error. The pores in latex condoms are too small for HIV but oil-based lubricants will destroy latex and latex can break. Animal membrane condoms (natural skin) like lambskin are too porous. These are made from the intestinal caecum of lambs. Synthetics, like polyurethane, are almost twice as strong as latex and of equal porosity.
Reasons condoms fail to protect are (1) they've been taken out of the package and left unused for a long period of time. Now they are liable to ozone deterioration, which causes damage invisible to the eye; (2) improper use of oil-based lubricants can degrade them; (3) they get broken in their packages; (4) they have allowed rates of manufacturing defects. The present acceptable quality limit for North American condom manufacturers is 99.6% of condoms free of leaks. The British AQL is 97%, and the Dutch AQL is 96.5%; (5) the users are caught up in passion and do not properly follow the ten- to sixteen-step process for safe usage; (6) the users are compromised by the use of alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, or exhaustion; and (7) bodily secretions can get around and over a condom even if it performs perfectly.
Although latex condoms appear to occasionally be permeable to the AIDS virus, by far the greatest danger of infection lies in their propensity to burst, tear and slip off.
Even if only a few HIV viruses did pass through a porous condom, the risk of infection would still be extremely small but in those cases where condoms fail catastrophically, massive exposure to the HIV virus is inevitable.
citit AICI

UIte si un film facut de rusi. (rusii au o limba si un accent parca special facut pentru dezastre, razboaie chimice, Cernobil)

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