vineri, 29 mai 2009

Daca in Romania lumea rade, la NY se poate:

In New York City, scooter sharing would offer these advantages over bike sharing:
1) Lower maintenance: no tires to inflate, no gears to adjust, few moving parts.
2) More portable and compact: Can be carried into stores, restaurants, and theatres, on buses and subways, where they fit under the seat.
3) Less likelihood of theft: no need to lock and leave them since they can be carried anywhere.
4) Safer: Hop on and off easily without dismounting.
5) Faster on short rides: The time saved locking and unlocking makes a scooter quicker for rides less than a mile.
6) More riding options: Bike riding is not permitted on sidewalks; kick scooting is.

Citita AICI.

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