marți, 2 februarie 2010

Import CorelDRAW files into Illustrator?

What is the best way to import my legacy CorelDRAW files into Illustrator?

It depends on the type of illustration and whether you plan to edit the text in the file. Each method has its pros and cons, especially in the way text and multiple pages are affected. For a side-by-side comparison of formats, see the table on page 2.
CorelDRAW 10 Illustrator can open native CorelDRAW 10 files directly. If you use CorelDRAW X3, you must first save your files in CorelDRAW 10 format. To save a file in CorelDRAW 10 format, choose File > Save As and then choose Version 10.0 from the Version pop-up menu. Click Save.

---> cateva ore bune m-am chinuit cu un JEG de fisier plin de gradienti de culoare. Am incercat EPS, PDF, export AI... nimic! Nu iesea nimic!
Am gasit articolul de mai sus si am rezolvat problema,
Am fost un fan Corel, mi-am inceput cariera cu Corel 3 (acum e Corel 14 pe piata)... imi pare rau de acest soft, e cam depasit pentru o agentie de publicitate. Sorry Corel! R.I.P.

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