duminică, 4 aprilie 2010

Samsung LED TV - problema si solutie

Hi, Samsung LED series 7: video playback: resolution not supported when play in Media Play i've been searching this forum for the last hour, and still can't find the answer to this. The files in question are: 1280x720 .avi format, and i have tried several with same resolution. And the firmware has been updated to the latest Samsung firmware. Many thanks.
I have the same problem with my samsung tv:
Here is the solution:
What I noticed however is that all higher resolution DIVX movies (higher than 1280x720) do no play on my tv. I get error "resolution not supported". I noticed however that XVID files of higher resolutions display correctly. So I decided to change the FourCC Code of the header in the file with a freeware tool called "AVI FourCC Code Changer".
The values for a DIVX file are: description=divx and codec=DX50. I changed these values into: description=xvid and codec=XVID and hopla, the file played perfectly on my samsung tv. So I wanted to share this.

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