luni, 17 august 2009

Brooke Shields by Gary Gross

În iulie 1978, la vârsta de 13 ani, Brooke Shields a făcut prima pagină în Photo Magazine.
Fotografiile au fost facute pentru promovarea filmului "Pretty Baby" regizat de Louis Malle.
Brooke Shields a primit 450$ de la Playboy Press de presă, partener în acest proiect. Mama ei a semnat un contract prin care a dat drepturi depline in a folosi imaginile fiicei sale. Seria a fost pentru prima oară publicata în Little Women, apoi, în Sugar and Spice, o publicaţie a Playboy Press. De asemenea, postere mari au fost expuse de către Charles Jourdan pe 5th Avenue in New York.
Sursa sursei: “Controversies: A Legal and Ethical History of Photography” in the Bibliothèque Nationale

Parerea mea: Pedofilie!! Playboy e de cacat.

Because I saw many foreign people coming to this particular article on my blog, I insert this edit:
My opinion: that photographer and Playboy magazine are suckers. To picture and to put 13 years old girls in a man magazine is sick!
I see abroad many organizations who convict pedophiles, people are outraged when they see a man in park looking at their children but when a 13 years old girl is pictured NAKED in an adult magazine they don't see/say anything.
I love kids. I am still a kid, I guess. I am 30 and, in London I almost was interrogated by a parent because I was looking to a bunch of rollers in a park... Why am I looking?
I look because is PULIC PARK, MOTHERFUCKER! (and because I have two pair of skates and I like to skate...)
I don't get this duplicity... SICKOS!

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