duminică, 9 august 2009

Public Enemies (2009) vs. Heat (1995)

Nu mai scriu in romana o postare pe care tocmai am scris-o pe un forum strainez:
Check this:

Heat (1995)
Director: Michael Mann
Writer (WGA): Michael Mann (written by)

Public Enemies (2009)
Director: Michael Mann
Writers (WGA): Ronan Bennett (screenplay) and
Michael Mann (screenplay) ...

Please look at the bank robbing scene.
Why Michael Mann used THE SAME LINES in the scripts?
Man, I looked at the first scene and I wanted to quit. If Marion Cotillard wasn't in that movie I would have definitely stop to see it.
Anyway, I cannot compare Deep with Pacino or DeNiro ...
Now, I will push play again and I hope that I will not see other passages (fragments of script) copied.

P.S.: I see "Public Enemies" for the first time and in the first 5 minutes my girlfriend asked if I new it already... because I almost knew all the lines!
Poor job Mr. Michael Mann!

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