marți, 16 martie 2010

Unde vom ajunge?

Mediile de stocare ale viitorului... "un fel de DVD... dar altfel".

These discs have the capacity to hold up to 6 terabytes (TB) of information. The HVD also has a transfer rate of 1 Gbit/s (125 MB/s). Sony, Philips, TDK, Panasonic and Optware all plan to release 1 TB capacity discs in 2019 while Maxell plans one for early 2020 with a capacity of 500 GB and transfer rate of 20 MB/s[2]—although HVD standards were approved and published on June 28, 2007, no company has released an HVD as of March of 2010.
sursa: Wikipedia

Mai pe romaneste, pe un super DVD din asta vom putea pune continutul a aproximativ 200 de DVD-uri actuale... DOUA SUTE!

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