marți, 19 octombrie 2010

Problems with a Toshiba laptop

Good day, Toshiba,
I have a big problem and I need your advice.
I bought a laptop in April 2008, a Toshiba Satellite A200-27R. (from website)
In 2009 the motherboard has broken (the computer was keeping restarting) and it was changed by the warranty. After this operation I've bought an extension of warranty, from 1 to 3 years.
Now, we are in 2010 and my motherboard have the same symptoms - I will go with the laptop in service and they will change again the motherboard.
I use the laptop at home, it never leaves the room, I don't keep it open overnight, I use it only when I come back from work (4 hours a day in weekdays and full-time in weekends)...
My questions are simple and I need simple answers:
1. what will I do in 2011 when my laptop will not be under the warranty anymore and I will experience the same problem?
2. let's suppose if you experience the same problems like mine with your machine... maybe in two years you will want to buy a new laptop for your family, will you choose Toshiba anymore?
3. let's say that you are an active person over the hardware forums, you work for a newspaper and you have a blog. If your laptop is broken two times with the same problem, will you publish an article and will you speak to anybody about the Toshiba hardware?
If you can help me only with an answer at the first question, I thank you for that.

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