joi, 24 martie 2011

Imi place mult melodia asta

Si comentarile mele (la imaginile din clip):

actasanctorum0001 e un user care a scris (si a fost intens aprobat): imagine if Germany didnt fight on multiple fronts The USSR would have fallen and taken communism with it. R.I.P.

i-am raspuns: @actasanctorum0001 if Germans weren't so crazy about "blue eyes, blonde hair", they would have win the war... I think this were the only mistake they did. Germans, remember Einstein? He was one of yours!!

Alte comentarii pe care le-am lasat:

@everybody, you'll have to admit that WW2 did a big wrong to Europe...
I don't know how to put this... you know why London is called "New India" and Paris is "New Maroc"? Only because of the WW2.
How come the Rotterdam is a 90% a new city, 70% of Berlin is new and 100% of Warsaw is built after 1945?
You praise here history, honor but you burned it and demolished it.
When you speak about the war, think about that, please!

I didn't know why I like this song so much, as I am not German and probably my family would have been killed by nazis, because they don't have blue eyes or blond hair (even the skin is white)...
This song is not about the German army or German SS, this song is about friendship & loyalty.
This two words are the message of this song. (I translated the lyrics with Google translate).

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